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Widows can go to battle for denied life insurance

The loss of a spouse is utterly heartbreaking. While you emotionally suffer this tragedy, the pragmatic side of you might also worry about finances. If you depended on your spouse’s income, this heartache could accompany panic about how you will survive.

Life insurance is supposed to provide security for widows, but insurance companies usually check to see if they can escape payments somehow. They examine medical records to see if they show differences from what the policyholder reported to the company. Sometimes, however, they make incorrect assumptions or fail to see what really happened.

Cleaning up the mess from broken pipes

A burst water pipe is an unwelcome surprise for any home or business owner, and an expensive one at that. Depending where the pipe is located and how quickly you identify the problem, it will damage far more than just your plumbing. Walls, floors, fixtures and more are vulnerable. With broken pipes, it's not just about fixing your plumbing, but also the damage it caused.

One of the many frustrating things about dealing with a broken pipe is the aftermath. There are many insurance stipulations surrounding plumbing. Insurance covers most damage from broken pipes, but it truly depends on the circumstances and your insurance policy. Claims are often denied or undervalued for multiple reasons.

Are Property Insurance Rates Increasing Due To Fraud?

Residential and commercial insurance rates are on the rise throughout Florida. Some homeowners insurance providers have increased their rates by as much as 16 percent.

According to an article from Naples Daily News, it is not the state's hurricanes that are causing the problem. Instead, insurance companies are pointing the blame at fraudulent claims. Meanwhile, many policyholders still report difficulties getting the help they are entitled to for perfectly legitimate property damage claims.

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