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Is your insurance company acting in bad faith?

When you choose an insurance company, you expect them to help you if needed--to cover what you've paid for and protect you.

Unfortunately, some companies will do neither of these, fighting valid claims and dragging their feet when they are required to pay.

This can be a frustrating ordeal, but how do you know when your insurance company has crossed the line and started acting in bad faith?

Under Florida law, insurance companies have two duties to all customers:

They have a duty to cover

You pay insurance companies lots of money to protect you if things go wrong, and when they don't follow through it can be devastating. When you have a valid claim, and the company still refuses to cover you, they have acted in bad faith.

There are lots of tricks companies use to invalidate a rightful claim, from challenging valuations to processing a claim exceptionally slowly in hopes you'll give up in frustration.

They have a duty to defend and indemnify

The obligation to protect and indemnify means the insurance company has a responsibility to protect you from lawsuits even partially covered under a liability policy.

The company must also cover claims up to your coverage limit if someone takes you to court and a judgment is rendered against you.

Any doubts about your insurance company should be taken seriously. If they don't fulfill their obligations, consider legal representation.

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