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Combating Denied Claims For Commercial Property Damage

Businesses with damaged commercial property need quick and comprehensive repairs to continue operations — and to stay in business. Many businesses believe their insurance company will cover the full extent of their losses if a hurricane, fire, flood, or other property damages occurs. In reality, insurance companies often delay or deny coverage for their clients covered losses. At The Law Office of James C. Spitz our lawyer fights for the fair coverage of damage to business property.

Our Palm Beach County office assists businesses across Florida with their denied insurance claims. For nearly 30 years attorney James C. Spitz has provided legal representation to businesses, resulting in favorable outcomes after their property insurance claims were denied or not paid in full. Mr. Spitz is a former insurance defense lawyer who has a thorough knowledge of how insurance companies underpay, delay or deny claims. He will pursue fair compensation for the damage to your business' property.

We Are Prepared To Advocate For You And Your Business

When you file a claim with your insurance company, it will send an insurance adjuster to evaluate property damage.

Insurance adjusters often claim to be a "neutral" party and provide an unbiased assessment of damage. In reality, many of these insurance adjusters are contractors and engineers who earn 100% of their income from insurance companies. Thus, they have an inherent bias to deny or undervalue property damage claims.

We have trusted contractors, engineers, and mold specialists capable of telling the real story behind your business' property damage. Our attorney will use this comprehensive assessment to fight your business' insurance company and to obtain fair coverage.

The Law Office of James C. Spitz helps business clients with many types of property damage claims, including:

Get Cost-Effective Representation

We understand businesses need efficient solutions for their property damage claims. Our experienced lawyer offers a no-cost consultation to review your claim. We also represent client cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that if we do not win compensation, you will not owe legal fees.

Florida law also provides that if an insurance company fails to provide coverage for a property damage claim, that upon recovery they are responsible for attorney fees. This is in addition to any other compensation you receive. For many business owners, this means they will not have to pay any legal fees for their case.

Attorney James C. Spitz has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid, underpaid or delayed claims for his clients. Schedule your free consultation by calling 561-678-0349 or emailing our law firm.

Do Not Challenge A Denied Insurance Claim Alone

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