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Dispute Over A Claim For Fire Damage?

When you purchase a homeowners or business insurance policy, the very last claim that you would ever expect to file would be for a catastrophic fire. And you should never have to fight with your insurance company simply to have your property damage claims paid when the results of the fire are obvious. However, insurance companies often refuse to pay the full value of a claim, or will simply deny your fire claim.

ImageWhen your insurance company is fighting your insurance claim for fire damage, the best thing to do is reach out to The Law Office of James C. Spitz for advice. We have handled insurance disputes in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County, Florida, since 1988. We know how to fight against insurers' tactics to get you the insurance proceeds you need.

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How Insurance Companies Try To Avoid Paying Fire Damage Claims

Florida case law is clear that in claims involving total loss, any policy exclusions that attempt to limit the liability of an insurer to less than the face value of the policy are prohibited. Still, insurance companies often attempt to avoid paying the full value of your claim by asserting impermissible policy exclusions.

Insurers go to great lengths to minimize the benefits they pay out. In fire claims, they commonly allege that an arson has occurred or you did not provide all the required information in your policy application. Your insurance company may even claim that you do not have proof of the original cost for your personal possessions, which you may have purchased five, ten or even twenty years ago!

An experienced lawyer can review the terms of your homeowners insurance policy to determine and explain your rights under both the language of the policy and under Florida law. If necessary, our office can also hire any necessary experts to further investigate your claim, including general contractors, engineers and personal property appraisers. They can help us ensure that you receive all of the insurance proceeds that you are legally entitled to.

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