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Were You Affected By Defamation, Slander Or Libel?

With the rise in popularity of the Internet and social media, many people believe they have the right to say or write anything they want about a business or individual. This is not the case. False statements that damage an individual or business's reputation is legally actionable. The Law Office of James C. Spitz will fight for your proper compensation if you or your business's reputation is defamed, slandered or libeled.

Attorney James C. Spitz has nearly 30 years of litigation experience, and fights defamation claims on his clients' behalf. He focuses on obtaining for his clients the proper compensation for the damage to their reputation caused by libel or slander. Mr. Spitz is an aggressive defamation lawyer who will not hesitate to take a client's case to court to obtain the best possible outcome.

What Counts And What Doesn't

The First Amendment does not give people the right to publicly say or write false statements that cause damage to another person's reputation. Businesses or individuals facing false damaging statement posted on the internet have legal recourse. The Law Office of James C. Spitz will investigate your defamation case and help you file suit against the defaming party.

For a published statement to be considered defamation, libel or slander it meet these criteria:

  • The statement caused injury to a business or individual
  • The statement contained false details
  • The statement was not privileged, such as in a court case

Defamation cases against public figures, such as celebrities or government employees, must also prove that the figure knew their statement was false and that they acted recklessly. If you believe your business or individual reputation was defamed, call our law firm for an assessment of your case.

We Offer Case Evaluations

Libel, slander and defamation1 are complex legal cases that require a comprehensive understanding of Florida law. Mr. Spitz will determine if a statement is legally actionable and then purse appropriate compensation on your behalf from the defaming party. To schedule your consultation at our West Palm Beach office, call 561-683-9844 or fill out our form.

1Defamation cases are usually handled on an hourly basis, not on a contingency fee.

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