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What Insurance Adjusters Don't Want You To Know

Insurance companies often hire individuals they refer to as "independent adjusters" to adjust your property damage claim, but they are anything but independent.  These "independent adjusters" receive 100% of their income solely from insurance companies, and while they often come to your home or business to examine your property damage and leave you with a good feeling that your claim is going to be paid, often the very next correspondence that you receive is a claim denial letter from your insurance company.


Your insurance company's claim denial letter will typically cite to various portions of your insurance policy, usually written in legalese. Often times the policy language is taken out of context, and upon a review of the entire policy by a lawyer, you may find that indeed there indeed is coverage for your claim.

Additionally, insurance companies often hire so-called "experts" such as engineers or leak detection companies, who as mentioned above, receive 100% of their income from the insurance defense industry, and thus are anything but "independent" or unbiased. Nearly always these "experts" issue a report after examining the damage to your home or business that is biased and favorable to your insurer.

Yet, often when denying your claim, your insurance company will provide a copy of its "expert's" report (engineer, etc.), which at first may look intimidating, but upon review by a "real" general contractor, engineer, etc, often times there is a large gap in facts between how your loss actually occurred, and your insurance company's expert's conclusions.

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