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Few things can be more destructive to a home or office than water damage. Water damage often leads to the growth of mold, which can result in serious health problems for people who are exposed to mold spores. Insurance companies are reluctant to pay water damage claims, and they will rarely offer to pay for mold mitigation and repair. At The Law Office of James C. Spitz, we will take on insurance companies and make sure that you are properly compensated for water damage claims to buildings and personal property that you own.

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Handing All Types Of Water Damage Claims

Water damage may occur in a variety of different ways, including:

Regardless of how your home or business sustained water damage, an experienced Palm Beach lawyer can fight your insurance company to ensure that you are paid in full pursuant to the terms of your insurance policy.

Are You Able To See Through Your Own Walls?

As silly as this question seems, your insurance company expects you to be able to possess "X-ray vision" whereby you can see through your own walls! Many insurance policies contain language that if your insurance company believes that a leak has existed for more than 14 days, then your claim is not covered — even if you could not see the leak!

A problem arises for you if you have a pipe located behind a wall from which water has been slowly leaking, but the leak is unnoticeable. Even if on the very first day you see evidence of a leak (i.e., the puddling of water), and you immediately report your claim to your insurance company, your insurance company may then hire one of its "favorite" experts to come to your home, break through the wall, proclaim that your leak has been in existence more than 14 days, and therefore your entire claim for damage to your home (floors, baseboards, carpeting, drywall) and personal property (furniture) is denied.

Such a claim denial by an insurance company commonly occurs after you are away from your home on vacation, or even at work for the day, and return to your home to find that your home has sustained water damage from a broken pipe.

In such situations, insurance companies commonly deny property damage claims, contending that even though the broken pipe was located behind a wall, somehow, you should have known that the pipe was leaking in the first place!

We Will Fight Mold Exclusion Provisions

Many insurance company policies contain language that either excludes, or limits coverage for damage caused by mold. Insurance companies will typically rely on these clauses to avoid paying you the full value to which you are entitled under your policy. Insurance company logic often considers mold growth to be "separate" from the actual source of damage— the water damage (never mind that without water damage being present in the first place, there would not be any mold growth in the first place).

At The Law Office of James C. Spitz, we can cut through insurance company doublespeak. We hire the appropriate experts to investigate your claim to determine the actual source of your loss.

You May Not Have To Pay Legal Fees

Under Florida Law, if your insurance company offers to settle your claim after litigation has commenced, they are required to pay your legal fees-in addition to your claim. Therefore, you should not let financial concerns stop you from holding your insurance company accountable under your policy.

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