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You cannot legally drive without automobile insurance. That does not mean however, that your auto insurance provider will always honor your claim. Just like any other type of insurance company, auto insurance providers make money from depositing and investing your premiums — not by paying claims.

At The Law Office of James C. Spitz in Palm Beach County, Florida, you work with a lawyer with nearly 30 years of experience, who can hold your insurance provider's "feet to the fire" when it is denying or delaying payment on your claim for damage to your car or truck.

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Nearly 30 Years Of Experience Obtaining Results

Our office can help you with all types of car insurance-related claims, including if:

  • Your car is stolen
  • You are involved in an accident
  • A hail storm or any other type of storm damages your car
  • Your insurance company is disputing the value of your car or the extent of damage

It is not uncommon for an insurance company to accuse its policyholder of being responsible for the loss or damage to their vehicle resulting in a claim. Unfortunately, this occurs after you have diligently paid your insurance premiums for years - for an insurance policy that you had expected to protect and cover you if you had the misfortune of suffering a loss (claim).

An attorney like James C. Spitz knows the experts to consult with - including expert mechanics and automobile appraisers to help you. If necessary, he will file a lawsuit on your behalf and aggressively represent you in court. Should litigation be necessary against your automobile insurer, in nearly every situation if you prevail, your insurance company will be responsible for the payment of your attorney's fees and costs.

We Serve Clients Throughout Palm Beach County And South Florida

We know how important having a car that is a reliable source of transportation is for most people. That is why you will have an attorney on your side who will work as hard as possible to get you positive results.

Contact The Law Office of James C. Spitz today by calling 561-678-0349 to schedule a free consultation.

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