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Cleaning up the mess from broken pipes

A burst water pipe is an unwelcome surprise for any home or business owner, and an expensive one at that. Depending where the pipe is located and how quickly you identify the problem, it will damage far more than just your plumbing. Walls, floors, fixtures and more are vulnerable. With broken pipes, it's not just about fixing your plumbing, but also the damage it caused.

One of the many frustrating things about dealing with a broken pipe is the aftermath. There are many insurance stipulations surrounding plumbing. Insurance covers most damage from broken pipes, but it truly depends on the circumstances and your insurance policy. Claims are often denied or undervalued for multiple reasons.

Understanding policies and paperwork

As profit-driven businesses, providers can name rules to avoid making full payment. Insurance policies are complicated, but the insurer always has to give you a clear explanation for any denial. Common reasons include timeliness of your claim, exclusion clauses, insufficient documentation and more. Even a single error on your claim can invalidate the request.

It's reasonable that a homeowner would make a mistake in filing or that you might even misunderstand your coverage. Sometimes these simple mistakes can be corrected but, in other instance, the provider won't budge even after errors have been fixed. There are many examples of bad faith insurance, including delayed communication, denied or undervalued claims, deceptive practices and incomplete investigations.

Recovery and moving on

You've paid for your policy and you deserve full value in return. If denied, you have the right to appeal or to pursue legal action. While it's possible to do these yourself, there is little margin of error amid the documentation and bureaucratic filings. By consulting with an insurance attorney who understands the nuances of the industry, you will be able to reduce stress at a time when you need to clean up a mess and look forward.

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